Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Resolution 2011 and the Resulting Wanting

2011 is the year I will buy nothing new for myself. The whole year. Nothing new. I'll thrift it or make it. My friend Shona had the best reaction, "that just sounds punitive." Of course, that's not my intent. I'm trying to enjoy what I have, be creative in how I use it, and be a lot less of a wanting consumer. We'll see how that works out.

Of course, it's two minutes into February and I already have a list of things I'll buy come 1/1/2012. This tops the list. No way I'm trying to make a leather bag. But, I would love to try to recreate the dress below. Because, let's face it, even without my purchasing moratorium in effect, I'd never spend the $478.

However, first on my list of things to make is a version of the J Brand twill pants below. I did actually buy these for myself for my birthday (2010) but had to return them due to fit issues (too much a** fabric and tight calves).

After seeing the plans of this inventive new blogger, I've decided to give it a go. She's making the Cargo Skinny Pants from a Burda pattern. I'm going to try using Simplicity 2315 in a navy stretch twill (unless I can find some black or deep charcoal first), but I plan to use her knee chevrons, very cool. I might skip the welt pockets and zippers, at least the first time around. Wish me luck!


  1. Oh my heck, thanks so much for all the great things you say! I can NOT wait to see your pants! (Too many exclamations? Maybe, I'm really excited!)

    On another note...guess what is bookmarked on my computer? The exact same Olive Green BROOKE.

    Have a fantastic day and good luck!

  2. good for you! I'm not brave enough...glad to see you posting!

  3. You have Taste! I love that dress, and I think you could knock it off pretty well. Burda magazine had a very similar design in their 9/2009 issue that I've been meaning to sew. Here's a pic on their website. I think at this point they've probably issued it as a download, so no need to hunt down the magazine. ;)